A business solution
at your fingertips

PadForm® is leaps ahead of traditional business solutions – revolutionising how we think, plan and work.

PadForm® is based on HTML5 for touch sensitive devices

Developed for mobile
touch-screen platforms

PadForm® is based on HTML5 and can be used on all touch-screen devices – which means most tablets and smartphones – whatever the make and model.

With PadForm® you get a total business solution that fits in a pocket

It's your company on a tablet

Now you can take your business anywhere - on your tablet, smartphone or computer. You choose what suits the situation and your business.
Smartphone version available jan 2013

PadForm® ensures access to your data even if there are no internet connection

Out of range?

The built-in offline function ensures that you always have access to your data and your business – even if there is no Internet access. ‘Offline’ - you can even save data that you will need later. Once you have Internet access again, the data is synchronised automatically.
Coming to PadForm Q3 2013

PadForm® provide simple navigation to the old business processes

Make your business
effortlessly simple

The stylish touch-screen interface simplifies and streamlines your business – and eliminates ‘interference’ from trivial technical problems.

With PadForm® for smartphones and tablet you can share anything everywhere - gathering your team

PadForm® gathers your team

PadForm® gathers knowledge on your customers, products and orders. This data can be shared instantly with your entire team ensuring that everyone is up and running. You can even decide which data is to be password-protected, and which information – such as your catalogue – is to be accessible for all.

Adding data is easy as 1-2-3 via XLS or directly from your existing database

Integrated for
every business solution

Via a user-friendly interface and a simple spreadsheet, data can be transferred between your existing business solution and PadForm®.

PadForm® lets you publish apps in the sky, iTunes and Google Play

Build and publish your own Apps

PadForm® lets you bypass the various mobile application stores and instantly publish your own apps on all platforms – at no extra cost. You don't need a lot of technical insight – just focus on content and functions.

Convert yout PadForm® webapp and publish on App Store and other major markets

Publish your PadForm®
web apps on AppStore

Your PadForm® applications can also be converted to Apple and Android Apps – to advertise your company and your products.
PadForm Native is available Q3 2013

Start today

… and see how the touch screen creates a shared point of reference and stimulates dialogue at customer meetings. Get rid of your heavy paper catalogues, order sheets and laptops, and focus on what really matters – your business!